Hendek has excellent pH level that makes it healthy alkaline water.

pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH value of the water indicates the density of hydrogen ions. The pH value in the water is measured in numbers from 1 to 14. At pH 7, water is neutral. Below the pH 7, water is acidic, above the pH 7 water is alkaline.

The pH value in drinking water is considered acceptable between 4.5 and 9.5. Low-pH waters are corrosive and they should not be drunk because they can dissolve some metals. High pH waters are especially recommended for people with stomach ailments and dieters. As the acidity increases in those with stomach problems, the discomfort increases. Daily intake increases acidity in the body. The pH balance of the body breaks down. The drinking water, on average pH 7.5 and above, is able to balance the pH on the body.
When we make the body alkaline, it works better and it can use the foods better. Stress, excessive exercise, infections and diseases lead to an acidic environment in the body. A healthy body should not be acidic. It should stay at the correct pH level. All metabolic processes in the body depend on a balanced pH.
The body naturally works to keep the pH of the blood constantly in the range of 7.35-7.45. Every process in the body works correctly by keeping the blood pH at a certain level. If the correct pH level is not provided, it is difficult for the cells to take the necessary nutrients and turn them into energy. As a consequence of these: cells are weak, tissues are weak, organs are weak and open to diseases. So consumption of water that is "alkaline", ie, greater than pH 7, is important for health.

Hendek has "Natural Mineral Water" certification within the scope of EU harmonization laws.

Mineral waters are groundwater waters, naturally emerging on the ground surface. Natural mineral waters dissolve some elements and substances found in the ground during their underground movements. These include those which play an important role in human nutrition physiology.

During the existence process, mineral waters are not affected by the pollutants coming from human activities (for example: waste waters and sewage, fertilizers, industrial materials, pesticides, domestic waste such as detergents). In other words, biological and chemical pollutants, which are a negative fact of today's world, do not infect natural mineral waters. The reason for the protection of natural mineral water resources as a legal obligation is based on this fact. Natural mineral waters are chemically and bacteriologically clean. Some microbiological and chemical parameters and their stimulant and limit values have been developed as indicators of these cleanings.
The chemical composition, flux and temperature of a mineral water remain unchanged for many years.Only small natural fluctuation cycles are seen, but the basic chemical constituents do not show a significant change. This stability is important in two respects. The first shows the continuity and stability of the natural formation process. Second, it provides content quality and assurance for consumers. The taste of natural mineral waters is completely natural and there is no additive or chemical treatment. Bottled natural mineral water is pure and clean as it is in the source. It can be drunk directly without any additional processing. The water purity and cleanliness is very tightly controlled from the spring to the bottling process.
Minerals are very important for human life. Calcium and iron are found in human bone and blood cells. Metals from minerals play a major role in the vital events, such as the work of nerve cells, muscle strain and relaxation. Mineral materials are needed in the study of enzymes and vitamins in our bodies. However, “the more the mineral, the better the water” thought is not right. Minimal- maximum mineral levels that can be found in water are specified in Natural Mineral Waters Regulation. With its favourable Mineral composition Hendek Natural Mineral Water is beneficial for human health.

Hendek is compatible with the sodium diet and protects your health with a low sodium value.

According to many health authorities, a normal adult needs to consume an average of 1500 mg of sodium per day.Unfortunately, according to research results, most people consume over 3,000 mg of sodium per day. This situation puts high risk for heart attack, stroke, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Since chronically excessive consumption of sodium has been found to be associated with hypertension and other debilitating conditions, it is necessary to control sodium consumption to remain healthy. For kidney patients, a low sodium diet is also necessary to prevent fluid retention.

The sodium diet is a type of diet aimed at limiting the amount of salt taken daily. The sodium diet, which allows less salt consumption than a teaspoon total in a day, is a very important diet for people with certain diseases. Many experts say that it is beneficial for people to practice low sodium diet even if they do not have an existing health problem.
If the water that we consume daily conforms to the sodium diet, we can protect our health from harms of high sodium. Hendek is compatible with the sodium diet and protects your health with a low sodium value.