Undoubtedly, the most important element for life is water after air. We can live for only a few minutes without getting air. Likewise we can live for a few days without water. Therefore, the quality of the water we drink has also vital.You can safely drink Hendek, which knows well how much water is essential for you.

What is Natural Mineral Water ?

Natural mineral waters mean that they come out from nature, ie they are not added to the mineral afterwards, not enriched artificially with minerals.

High pH level

Water close to pH value 8 positively affects our phschical chemistry. With an ideal pH value (8,30) Hendek contributes to the regulation of the blood pH level and to the health.

Organic sources

The spring of Hendek is far away from any residential and industrial area. And it has been narturally filtered through organic layers and rocks.


Low sodium

The high sodium ratio in the body causes edema, excessive water retention in the body, loss of potassium and high blood pressure.

Excellent mineral level of 134,43 mg/L

Hendek contains optimal natural minerals that your body needs

100 % Reeliable and Tested production process

The Filling facilities of Hendek water has reliable national and international certicicates.