About Hendek

Hendek natural mineral water is an innovative and dynamic water brand that began production in 2017. It emerges from the immaculate sources of the Sakarya region far from the human settlements and covered with lakes, waterfalls, mountains and verdant plains.

Hendek, thanks to its high level of minerals, has been registered as “natural mineral water” by Health Ministry of Turkey. With its unique mineral composition, it has become a demanded product in many countries.

With its low sodium level suited to the sodium diet and high pH value, that is the most basic requirement of the vitality, Hendek is safely consumed. It also contains balanced minerals, especially magnesium and calcium, that the body needs.

Natural mineral waters are a source of health. Hendek presents to people this blessing that comes from its preserved essence and its mineral values that remain unchanged with seasonal effects. Coming from the Keremali mountains in Sakarya, Hendek is delivered to consumers with the options of 200 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml and 1.5L.

Hendek is bottled in one of the fast and high technology facility that has 40,000 bottle filling capacity per hour at Sakarya. Produced in accordance with EU standards and hygiene regulations, Hendek is in the class of "First quality waters " According to the analysis report dated 23.01.1995 of Istanbul University Research Center for Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology.